Traveler Testimonials

"Perfect, trip of a lifetime, no stress, only fun, fun, fun."

-Clare Zupetz


"Every day was well planned out and packed with a plethora of sights, sounds, and taste. Wolrd-class, a great way to visit Cuba."

-David Szott


"My highest expectations were exceeded! If you love the arts, I would recommend Tesca Travel. The Cuban connections Doug has to so many Cuban artists helped to make the trip unforgettable. I learned so many unexpected things about Cuba and its beautiful people."

-Kathryn Szott


"We had such amazing opportunities to meet people, to begin to understand the turbulent history of Cuba, to see firsthand the wealth of artistic training taking place. This trip was one of the highlights of my life- really!"

-Janet Metcalfe


"Full of activities, with wonderful emphases on music, art, dance, culture, history and especially, people. Honestly, each location, activity, group of people just enriched what came before with unexpected surprises and insights. The arc of the whole week was just masterful. It was absolutely magical and a delight in every way."
-Janet & David Weller


"Our arts and culture trip to Cuba with Tesca Travel (Doug Little) could not have been more thoroughly researched and planned. The lodgings were spectacular, including 6,000 square foot Casa on the waterfront. Doug has connections with the top figures in Cuban art and music. To see the joy and talent of the Cuban people up close was truly an epic feature of this tour. We have an amazing wealth of memories to draw from and we look forward to revisiting Cuba in the near future."
-Peter Douglas & Anne Strasser


"A very awesome glimpse into Cuba and its people. Well balanced itinerary, great food, knowledge guides and a glimpse into the people and cultural makeup of Cuba."
-Anna Marie Peterson


"This was a well-organized and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the music and culture of Cuba and Havana. The unique presentations and performances provided many opportunities for personal interaction, even for those of us with limited language skills."
-Megan Cairns


"The trip to Cuba far exceeded our expectations! Doug Little's attention to a detailed agenda and expertise in the language, expedited all of our activities, as the Cubans respected this unique American."
-Andrea Hjelm


"Doug Little is proficient in the language, people and culture of Cuba, his itinerary nothing short of extraordinary. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to go back!"
-Ken Hjelm


"This tour allowed us to get exposed to the real Cuba; the history, music and culture."
-Stephen Reid


"What a well thought out, interesting, and exciting itinerary! Access that not a lot of tourists are going to get. Also, very well run...efficient but laid back. I can't recommend enough!"
-Larry Englund